What Are Some Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes?

Some Samsung dishwasher error codes are 4E, 4E1, tE1, 5E and oE. Sears PartsDirect lists these error codes and others on its website. Each error code tells what the error means, troubleshoots what caused the error code, and lists the name of the possible defective part.

Error code 4E means that the dishwasher did not detect water in the first five minutes of starting. To resolve this code, make sure the water inlet valve is open all the way. If it is open, check the water inlet valve screen for debris. If there is no debris, the wiring connections may be loose and need tightening. Finally, the water inlet valve may not be opening and require replacement.

Error 5E tells the owner that the dishwasher is not draining or not draining fast enough. This error occurs when the sink, dishwasher drain hose or drain pump has a clog. If there are no clogs, then the drain hose or drain pump requires replacement.

Error oE stands for overflow error. If the tub continues to fill with water after disconnecting the power to the dishwasher, then the water inlet valve needs replacing. If it stops filling, the main power board assembly needs replacement.