How Do You Find Salvaged Doors and Windows?

How Do You Find Salvaged Doors and Windows?

To find salvaged windows and doors, look at local salvage yards, flea markets, estate sales, second-hand stores and online auctions or advertisement sites. Another option is to approach homeowners or builders planning to demolish or remodel a home. Ask to salvage the windows or doors from the home.

Local salvage yards offer a variety of salvaged building materials already removed from the home. These stores often arrange items by type. Head to the door and window sections to find salvaged items that fit your needs. If you plan to use the door or window for a functional purpose rather than decorative, take measurements at home to ensure you get the correct size.

Flea markets, garage sales and estate sales are often hit-or-miss when it comes to salvaged items, but you sometimes find a deal on old doors and windows that fit your needs. Read the ad or flier for the sale to determine if it has the type of doors and windows you want. Some thrift stores may carry old doors and windows.

Online resources help you track down salvaged doors and windows without driving around town. Check on eBay, Craigslist and local online advertisement sites to find local doors and windows. Check the Free section of Craigslist in addition to the regular categories.

If you don't mind doing the work yourself, keep an eye out for houses being demolished. The contractor may allow you to take out the doors and windows. Neighbors or acquaintances who are remodeling may also be a resource for finding old doors and windows. They save time and money if you remove the doors or windows for them before they begin work.