What Are Some Safety Tips for Using Loading Equipment?


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When using loading equipment, inspect the equipment for damage before use, particularly the center ladder, vertical bar and cross bars. Always push carts, dollies and hand trucks instead of pulling them. Use thick nylon belts to secure each load before transporting, and check the belts for damage, frays or other signs of wear before use. Tighten the belts with a ratchet belt tightener with auto rewind in order to prevent cargo from moving. Use hydraulic lifts to prevent back strain.

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Be sure to use the appropriate loading equipment for the products being moved. Transport light loads with a two-wheel hand truck, reserving the four-wheel hand truck for heavy loads. Four-wheeled hand trucks cannot be upended. While it is important to evenly distribute the weight of loads no matter what loading equipment used, it is vital to ensure even balancing for four-wheeled hand trucks that have side railings.

When using loading equipment, make sure to use the proper personal protective equipment. Wear leather gloves to protect hands from materials that may be rough or sharp. Use a back belt on the lower back to provide support while pushing heavy loads. Wear shoes with thick, nonslip soles, or opt for steel-toed boots.

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