What Are Safety Tips for Propane Furnace Troubleshooting?

What Are Safety Tips for Propane Furnace Troubleshooting?

When troubleshooting a propane furnace and the pilot light is out, the owner should turn the valve to off and wait a minimum of three minutes. This allows any gas in the area to disperse before striking a match.

To light the pilot, the owner must turn the dial to pilot, place the flame of a match or lighter near the port and press the safety button. He holds the button in place for 30 seconds or until the flame glows brightly. If the pilot goes out, he must wait another three minutes before attempting to light it again.

When the pilot does not stay lit, the problem is the thermocouple. This safety device turns off the gas supply when it does not sense the heat the pilot generates. Often home improvement stores have replacement thermocouples. Once the owner replaces it, he should attempt to light the pilot again.

Once the furnace burner lights, it should burn with a bright blue color. Flames that burn with yellow tips indicate incomplete combustion. They consume more fuel and increase the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. If the furnace is not burning correctly, the owner should contact a professional for repairs.

Propane refiners add an odorant to alert users of propane leaks. If occupants note a strong odor in the home, they should exit, turn off the propane at the valve on the tank and call for professional help.