What Are Some Safety Tips to Follow When Installing Windows?


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When installing windows, invest in solid locks in addition to latches. For double-hung windows, use pin locks that allow the window to open partially just a few inches for ventilation. Install wireless alarms that are activated when windows open, especially for ground floor windows and windows that are accessible by stairways, balconies or trees.

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Install secondary blocking devices when installing windows, and add anti-lift devices to prevent the window from being lifted out. Use tempered or reinforced glass rather than traditional glass panes. Laminated glass has a layer of vinyl between two sheets of glass, making it difficult to break. Furthermore, acrylic plastic windows or polycarbonate windows are extremely impact resistant and ideal for home protection.

Add iron bars to windows to make them more burglar resistant. Contrary to earlier bars that resembled prison cells, there are various decorative bars that can be customized to cater to the home's theme. If the idea of iron bars is not palatable, opt for deadbolts and sturdy window locks that are hard to break.

To make windows safe in homes with kids or older adults, install latches and locks on top of the windows, and use cordless window coverings wherever possible. Use window guards and stops for added safety, and opt for safety netting for higher windows.

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