What Are Some Safety Tips to Consider When Wiring a Hot Tub?


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Safety tips for wiring hot tubs include using a ground fault interrupter circuit, protecting the wiring with conduit, installing an emergency safety switch and following all local and national electrical codes. While water and electricity have the potential for disaster, proper installation of the hot tub ensures users can relax in safety.

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Ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, turn off the power to the hot tub if they sense a surge in power, protecting the electrical circuitry and the occupants of the unit. In order for the GFCI to perform correctly, the unit requires proper wiring. Circuit breakers and safety switches must be more than 5 feet from the tub but within clear view and reach of the users of the unit.

Electrical codes require shielding of electrical cables that serve the hot tub. Installers can provide this shielding with either electrical or metallic conduit. The hot tub manufacturer should list the appropriate wire gauge for the unit in the owner's manual.

In addition to proper wiring for the tub itself, the National Electrical Code addresses the potential for interaction with other electrical wiring around the tub. It prohibits installing hot tubs under overhead electrical lines or over buried lines. Installers should maintain a 10-foot distance from low voltage lighting and 22.5-foot distance from conductive cables.

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