What Are Safety Tips for Connecting Your New Electric Dryer?


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One of the top tips for safely installing a new electric dryer is to have a professional do the work, says the National Fire Protection Association. Homeowners that do the work themselves should make sure vents and pipes aren't restricted and use correct plugs and outlets.

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Improper installation of an electric clothes dryer can lead to increased operation costs and drying times, insect infestations, mold build up and increased fire risk. Homeowners can avoid problems by ensuring dryers are vented completely to an outside location and that venting materials are metal. Plastic and wire duct is often used as a vent conduit. However, such material is not typically approved for use as a clothes dryer duct. Using it during installation can not only lead to safety risks, but can also void the dryer warranty.

For optimal safety, installers should test connections for all vents and power cords and remove any dust or debris that could lead to a fire. Following specific guidelines in manufacturer's manuals is also important for greater safety, as each electric clothes dryer model may require different installation setups. Consumers should monitor newly installed dryers closely for the first few cycles to ensure everything is working properly.

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