What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken When Cutting Down Tree Limbs?


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Some safety precautions to take when removing trees or tree limbs are to wear the appropriate safety gear and to not work during any form of bad weather. It is also important to examine the site ahead of time to check for any safety hazards in the area.

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Required safety gear items for professional tree trimmers include hard hats, gloves, chainsaw-protective clothing, goggles, ear plugs and work shoes. Hard hats are necessary for protecting the head against falling tree limbs. They also protect the head from impact in case of a fall and from electricity in case of a fall on a power line. Gloves defend the hands from cuts and infections caused by poisonous plants, insects or chemicals. The right gloves also provide a firmer grip for holding a chainsaw and climbing trees.

Chainsaw-protective clothing implies clothing that is thick enough to protect the skin from flying debris. Some tree removal professionals wear Kevlar chaps for extra protection. Safety glasses or goggles protect the eyes from debris as well. Ear plugs and ear muffs are used to defend the ears against long-term damage caused by extended exposure to chainsaw noise. Features of appropriate work shoes include steel toes for defense against falling tree limbs and strap-on spikes for easier tree climbing.

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