What Are Some Safety Guidelines for Propane Heaters?


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Safety guidelines for propane heaters include choosing the right type of heater for the space being heated, using only the type of fuel recommended by the manufacturer and keeping children and pets away from the heater. Maintaining proper clearance around the heater is also essential for safe propane heater use.

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Some propane heaters are designed for indoor use, while others are intended for outdoor use only. Different models have specific requirements for how far the unit should be placed from other items, and the necessary clearances are typically listed in the instruction booklet or owners manual. The manufacturer's recommendations for proper ventilation for a specific heater can also be found in the owners manual. Before using a propane heater, the operator should be familiar with how the device works and should know how to shut off the gas in case of an emergency.

Propane is highly flammable, so users should immediately evacuate the area if a leak is suspected. Propane cylinders should be stored outdoors away from heat, flames and other volatile gases or chemicals. While propane in its natural form is odorless, manufacturers of propane gas for home use usually add a chemical that emits an odor to make gas leaks more noticeable.

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