What Safety Features Does a Reznor Unit Heater Offer?


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The fan motor, fan guard and door panel on Reznor unit heaters are crafted with safety in mind. Reznor produces heating and cooling units for commercial, industrial and public dwellings.

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Reznor's heating and cooling units have been installed in structures throughout the world. The units can be built to specifications or tailored to meet the needs of a specific structure as stated on Reznor's website. Along with the sturdy construction, the units have features that ensure the system is safe to use or repair. The 115-volt fan motor has internal overload protection that prevents the motor from overheating or freezing, either of which could cause a fire. The Reznor heating units also have door panels that have a full gasket system, as well as a safety latch that can prevent tampering or accidents. The full-fan guard on the heating units prevents injuries and keeps items from being drawn into the fan.

Reznor units are used to heat commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories and large stores. The units are also installed in schools, meeting halls and other large buildings that require a large heating source. The systems are also ideal for greenhouses, agricultural spaces and building used in the poultry industry.

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