What Are Some Safety Considerations for Electric Space Heaters?


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Electrical space heaters generate enough heat to start fires if used incorrectly, and users should keep them away from particularly flammable items. Fortunately, they pose no air safety risks.

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Compared to space heaters that use fossil fuels, electric space heaters cost more to run. However, their portability and easy use make them a popular option. Since they use electrical resistance to generate heat instead of combustion, they don't produce any chemical by-products that can pose risks. This safety makes them a preferred option for many homeowners.

However, electric space heaters still draw a significant amount of energy, which carries a small risk of electrical fire. As a result, use with an extension cord is not generally recommended. In addition, using them on an electrical outlet powering other energy-intensive devices can pose risks. Using the included cable helps mitigate these risks.

Space heaters also generate a significant amount of heat that safely spreads if airflow is unobstructed. Flammable items placed nearby, however, can catch fire. If the unit uses fans to distribute heat, a faulty fan can cause the space heater to overheat, although most systems simply stop operating. Tipping a space heater can cause it to heat up carpet or other flooring to dangerous levels, but many space heaters can detect tips and shut off automatically.

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