What Are the Safety Concerns When Purchasing a Used Kitchen Appliance?


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The safety concerns when purchasing a used kitchen appliance include the condition and use of the appliance, the brand, warranties and the appliance service life. Other concerns include how the item will be transported and the store’s reputation.

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When buying a used kitchen appliance, buyers should examine whether the appliance is in good working condition. When buying an electrical appliance the buyer should always insist on seeing the appliance plugged in and working. Buyers should purchase used kitchen appliances from recognized brands because appliance level of performance depends on the type of model used. Buyers who purchase a second-hand appliance should insist on being given the receipt for the original purchase so that they can enjoy the benefits of the warranty until it reaches its original expiration date.

Most kitchen appliances are designed to have a service life of predetermined years, thus buyers should not purchase used appliance that is beyond this period. Some of the kitchen appliances like ovens and washing machines are heavy and cumbersome, so the buyer should look for appropriate means of transport to move the item. Some stores are known to have a bad reputation, so buyers should look for customer reviews online to ensure they are buying from a good seller.

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