What Is the Safest Way to Clean up Mold?

Clean up mold by scrubbing the mold away from hard surfaces using a water and detergent solution and then allowing the surfaces to dry completely. Wear protective clothing when cleaning moldy areas to limit exposure to the skin. Wear a respirator to protect the lungs. Mold can be extremely dangerous and should be removed by a trained professional with the proper equipment.

Mold continues to grow in an infested area until the source of the moisture it requires has been found. Fix any leaking pipes or ceiling and ventilation issues in the home before attempting to correct the mold problem. Porous and soft surfaces that have become infested, such as ceiling tiles and carpets, may need to be eliminated from the home and replaced with new materials.

Never use bleach to clean a mold-infested surface. Bleach may agitate the mold and cause it to grow more aggressively. Painting and caulking over a mold infestation are inadequate ways to deal with the problem, as mold continues to grow under paint, and paint or caulk have trouble adhering to the moldy surface, which results in peeling. Prevent future infestations by maintaining a low indoor humidity level and quickly drying any spills, leaks or wet surfaces completely.