How Do You Safely Use Loctite 426?


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Using Loctite 426 safely requires placing the adhesive only on the worksurface. Avoid letting Loctite 426 come into contact with human skin, as it contains a strong adhesive. Only use Loctite 426 in a well-ventilated area as its vapors are respiratory irritants.

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If Loctite 426 gets on skin, do not pull or attempt to cut the material off once it dries. Unless an allergic reaction occurs, simply soak the affected area in hot water until removing the dried material is possible. If Loctite 426 happens to stick two pieces of skin together, the treatment is the same, simply soak the areas until they can be pulled apart without causing injury. If an allergic reaction begins to develop in the affected area, seek immediate medical attention.

If Loctite 426 is ingested, seek immediate medical attention. While none of the chemicals in Loctite 426 are dangerously toxic, the product can cause the mucus membranes of the mouth and throat to adhere, preventing swallowing. If the affected person is kept in stable condition, his saliva will dissolve the dried Loctite 426 within a few hours.

For cases of eye exposure to Loctite 426, medical attention is necessary. While the product is not itself toxic to the eye's tissues, dried particles can circulate behind the eyelid, causing scratches and other damage.

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