How Do You Safely Get Rid of Bumblebees?


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To safely get rid of bumblebees, wear protective clothing, and begin removing the nest well after dark. If the bees are located in a bird box or other enclosed space, place foam, such as a foam sponge, in the box opening, and place tape over cracks and crevices in the box to secure the bees. Carefully remove the box, and relocate it. Do not breathe directly onto the nest as this may cause the bees to become aggressive.

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When relocating bumblebees, secure the box to a stable surface at least 5 feet above ground level, and remove the foam after midday on the following day to allow the bees time to settle before releasing them.

If the bees cannot be moved, sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth around the affected areas of the property to kill the bees. Typically, bumblebees are beneficial and shouldn't be killed unless they pose a health concern.

If the nest entrance is in a hazardous location, reroute it by placing flexible pipe over the entrance, and route the pipe to the desired entrance location. Seal the gaps where the pipe meets the wall with soil or another suitable material to prevent the bees from exiting in an undesirable location. Seal the entrance after the bees move, which typically occurs within a few months, to prevent a reinfestation.

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