How Do You Safely Remove a Yellow Jacket Nest?


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Removing a yellow jacket nest requires purchasing a pesticide and placing it in and around the nest at night, when the insects are less active. To completely remove the nests, use both aerosols and dust pesticides.

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How Do You Safely Remove a Yellow Jacket Nest?
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Before removing the yellow jacket nests, remove any food sources from the area. Cover trash cans and empty any open containers.

  1. Find the nests
  2. Locate the nests during the day when they are easier to see. There should be multiple holes in the ground surrounded by small piles of dirt around the openings, and workers may be seen entering and exiting the holes at different times during the day.

  3. Purchase pesticides
  4. Aerosol pesticides containing pyrethrum, such as CB Extra and PT 565 Plus, work best on yellow jacket nests. Purchase a can of aerosol pesticide and a dust pesticide like D-Fense Dust or Tempo Dust.

  5. Apply the pesticides
  6. Apply the aerosol to the nest, which will fill the holes and kills the bees immediately. Wait 10 to 15 minutes to let the aerosol dry, and then apply the dust to prevent future infestations. It is important to apply the pesticides at night to reduce the chances of getting stung. Verify that all the insects are dead the next day by looking for movement in and around the nest sites.

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