How Do You Safely Remove Flooring That Has Asbestos?


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To safely remove asbestos flooring, first remove all moveable items and seal the room with plastic sheeting and duct tape. Wear protective clothing, wet the floor, and begin removing floor tiles at the edges using a putty knife and hammer, or cut vinyl flooring into 6-foot sections to remove it easily. Avoid breaking or damaging the flooring. Place the flooring into poly-lined boxes, and dispose of the flooring according to local regulations.

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To seal the room, place poly over all windows, vents and doors. Cut a slit in the plastic covering one doorway to enter and exit the room, and limit the number of people allowed in the room to prevent spreading asbestos in the home. If adhesive is present after removing the flooring, use water amended with a recommended chemical solvent to remove the adhesive. Do not sand or grind the adhesive.

To dispose of vinyl flooring or other sheet-style flooring that contains asbestos, wrap each piece of the flooring in plastic sheeting, and seal the plastic with duct tape. Thoroughly clean all surfaces in the room with water after removing asbestos-containing materials, dispose of the plastic sheeting, and dispose of the protective gear worn while cleaning the room. If the material is damaged or breaks easily, hire a professional asbestos removal service.

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