How Do You Safely Remove an Asbestos Ceiling?


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Safely remove an asbestos ceiling using hand tools, water, a powerful vacuum and other tools. However, it is best to hire a professional asbestos contractor for this job. Before attempting this process, call in an inspector to see if the ceiling contains asbestos in the first place. This is especially important if the building was built before the 1980s, before asbestos was banned in most building construction.

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Decide whether it is worth it to take down an asbestos ceiling. Asbestos is harmless as long as it is not disturbed. However, when it is disturbed its fibers, which float through the air and are breathed in, are carcinogenic.

The asbestos contractor and the homeowner need to sign a detailed contract before work begins. The contract details how the job is completed and any local regulations or building codes that the contractor needs to adhere to. Become familiar with these codes and regulations.

When the job completes, hire another, independent asbestos professional to test the air for asbestos fibers. Ideally, there should be none in the air, but compare the results from before the removal to after to determine if the reduction of asbestos fiber is significant enough to move forward without further work.

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