How Do You Safely Mount a Flat Screen TV?


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Safely mount a flat-screen TV with help from another person by mounting the TV to studs in the wall. Tools for this process include the hardware that comes with the TV, an electric screwdriver, a stud finder, a level and a pencil.

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  1. Unpack the TV

    Carefully lay the TV box on the floor. Unpack the TV as well as the hardware, cables, manuals and any other accessories from the box. Without removing the plastic protector, lay the TV face-down on a blanket or the carpet.

  2. Attach the brackets

    Remove the brackets and screws from the plastic and lay them next to the TV. Use the electric screwdriver to attach the mounting bracket to the TV.

  3. Mark the mounting location

    Use the pencil to mark a small dot on the wall just above eye level. Use the level to mark a horizontal line across the wall.

  4. Attach the wall mount

    Use the stud finder to determine where to hang the wall mount. Use the correct screws from the TV package and the electric screwdriver to mount it to the wall.

  5. Hang the TV

    Plug in the cables before mounting the TV. Have a partner help you lift the TV from the floor and insert it on the mount.

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