How Do You Safely Haul Furniture?


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Safely haul furniture by disassembling what you can, wrapping pieces in moving pads and securing the pads with plastic stretch film. Secure the furniture in place using adjustable straps. Protect yourself and your helpers by using moving dollies and lifting straps to spread the weight of heavy items.

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Begin the moving process by emptying all drawers from dressers and similar items. While leaving items inside may seem a good way to save space, the vibration and bumps in the moving van can result in damage to the supporting frame. Once they are empty, put the drawers back in place and wrap the furniture with moving blankets and stretch plastic. Place pieces of cardboard between items for further protection from gouges. Ratcheting straps provide a more secure way to bind the load to the truck than ropes.

Protect mattresses and upholstered furniture with plastic moving bags. Moving companies sell bags that protect fabric from tears and water damage. They are available in sizes to fit mattresses from crib to king size. Use one bag for the mattress and one for the box springs.

Appliance dollies help move large items without marring floors. They have special treads that make moving weight up and down stairs easier. Lifting straps help you to use large muscle groups while leaving hands free to stabilize items.

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