How Do You Safely Clean Air Vents Yourself?


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Air vents can be safely cleaned by dusting them, unscrewing the vent covers, vacuuming the air ducts, screwing the covers back on and changing the air filters. Homeowners are advised to hire professional vent cleaning services at least once every year.

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Homeowners should begin by dusting the vents using a traditional duster or broom and then wiping the grates with a damp cloth. They should then unscrew the vent covers. Power should be cut off at the main switch before removing the covers to avoid getting burned or shocked. They should remove objects that might have fallen into the vents such as toys.

Next, homeowners should use a crevice or dust brush attachment to vacuum the air vents. It is a good idea to tape the attachment onto the hose to avoid losing it in the air vent. Once completed, they should reattach the vent covers, ensuring that the covers are screwed tightly in place. They should then vacuum the surrounding area, inspect the vents for chips and breaks, and replace if needed.

Finally, homeowners should change or clean the air filters, depending on the type. This step helps to keep dust and allergens away from the source. It is a good idea to install vent filters, especially in homes with occupants who are prone to airborne allergies such as dust, mold and mildew.

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