What Are Some Safe Ways to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in the Kitchen?


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To safely eliminate sugar ants in the kitchen, clean kitchen surfaces with a solution of vinegar and water to remove food residue, and clean the garbage disposal regularly. Seal the home to prevent the ants from entering the home, and remove all food sources to encourage the ants to move elsewhere. Use a combination of natural and nontoxic repellents to safely repel the ants.

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To clean the garbage disposal, grind citrus fruits in the disposal to eliminate the scent of food, which attracts the ants, or add chlorine bleach to the disposal on a regular basis. Clean known ant trails with diluted chlorine bleach, and thoroughly clean the kitchen floor each day to remove food crumbs.

Remove garbage daily, and apply safe ant repellents, such as ground cinnamon, ground cloves or crushed peppermint leaves, to the affected areas. Apply a commercial non-toxic ant repellent to areas that attract ants, such as inside the garbage can, but avoid using the products where food is prepared or stored.

To seal the home, apply weather stripping around doors, and apply caulk to cracks and crevices. If possible, follow the trail of ants to its entrance, seal the entrance with caulking or another suitable material, and apply nontoxic repellent to the area.

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