Is There a Safe Way to Fix a Garage Door Spring?


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To safely fix a garage door spring, identify the type of spring it is, read and understand all of the instructions before beginning work and wear proper safety equipment. Replacing a garage door spring is extremely dangerous as the springs are tightened and can cause physical harm or other damage when released.

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Is There a Safe Way to Fix a Garage Door Spring?
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When replacing or repairing a garage door spring, make sure to wear all necessary safety equipment, including gloves, a hard hat, safety glasses and a face shield. Before commencing any work, reference the owner's manual to determine the type of spring the garage door utilizes, and review and understand the replacement instructions.

There are different types of garage door springs, and how the spring is replaced depends on the type of spring it is. Side-mounted springs utilize a pulley system, and they are mounted on both sides of the garage door track. Torsion springs, on the other hand, are located on a fixed metal shaft in the center of the garage door frame.

In order to replace or repair side-mounted springs, the tension must first be released. This is achieved by first opening the garage door and clamping the springs. If done incorrectly, the door could crash down or the springs could spring open, causing damage or harm.

Replacing torsion springs is achieved by lowering the door and attaching the spring to an adjustment collar, but the door is still under tension. If done incorrectly, the door could spring open or the springs can be released, causing damage or harm. Consult a professional with any questions.

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