What Is a Safe Way to Catch a Raccoon on Your Property?


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To safely trap a raccoon, it is necessary to cover the trap with burlap or fine-mesh wire, anchor the trap and place the trap on a board. When releasing the animal, contact a local organization for assistance, or open and move away from the trap quickly.

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What Is a Safe Way to Catch a Raccoon on Your Property?
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To trap a raccoon safely, bait a cage-style trap with peanut butter, cookies or a can of cat food. The trap should be placed in an area where raccoons frequent, and should be set at night to reduce the risk of catching non-target animals. To ensure the trap does not tip, anchor it with rocks. Place the trap on a sturdy board to prevent the animal from destroying the grass under the cage, and cover the trap with fine mesh wire or burlap to prevent the animal from reaching through the wire mesh cage.

After the raccoon is captured, it must be released or disposed of. Some organizations, such as The Humane Society, may dispose of the animal humanely. Pest control companies also remove trapped wildlife for a fee. If local organizations are not an option, wear damage-resistant gloves, and move the cage containing the raccoon to the release location. Open the trap and move away from the animal to allow the raccoon to exit.

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