How Safe Are Gas Stoves?


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Gas stoves are safe as long as reasonable precautionary measures are followed. For instance, a person with a gas stove needs to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in his house in order to detect any dangerous gas fumes.

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How Safe Are Gas Stoves?
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Gas ovens feature a safety valve that prevents gas explosions. This safety valve contains the gas until ignition occurs, preventing large amounts of gas from being released.

Other than installing carbon monoxide detectors, there are other safety measures that a person can take when operating a gas stove. For instance, a gas stove should never be used as a way to heat the home. This can release dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide. Another measure that a person can take is to be cautious while cooking, especially if children are around. Back burners should be used, which children cannot reach as easily, and handles should be turned to the back or to the side of the pots and pans.

Many gas stoves have oven doors that lock. The doors need to be locked at all times even when the stove is not in use, so that a child cannot stand or climb on the door. The knobs on gas stoves can be easily or even accidentally turned on, releasing gas. The knobs should be removed from the stove between meals.

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