What Are Some Safe Cleaning Products to Use on a Blanco Granite Sink?

What Are Some Safe Cleaning Products to Use on a Blanco Granite Sink?

Safe cleaning products for a Blanco granite sink are any non-abrasive cleaners, which include the Blanco Composite sink and surface cleaner, Earth Friendly products non-abrasive cleaner and Planet All Purpose Spray cleaner. Any cleaner that is non-abrasive can be used to clean the sink without damaging it, according to Blanco.

Blanco Composite sink and surface cleaner is made especially by Blanco to work on its wide variety of products. The cleaning product doesn't require to be rinsed from the surface it's on and can be used on any porous surface. The product is unscented so it is safe to use around people who are allergic to certain scents.

Earth Friendly Products non-abrasive cleaner is lemon based and made to clean hard surfaces like granite. Not only is it easy on granite, the ingredients are also easy on hands so no gloves are required in order to use the product. The product requires very little to clean a large.

Planet All Purpose Spray cleaner is certified by Scientific Certification Systems as 100 percent biodegradable in addition to it being non-abrasive. The product is made to be safe for most surfaces and will not harm a Blanco granite sink.

Scrub Free Soap Scum Cleaner is made specifically not scratch surfaces like granite. Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner is not only safe for granite, but it also kills a lot of common viruses, notes Soap.