How Safe Is Cleaning Your Carpet With Vinegar?

Although it makes an excellent carpet cleaning solution, vinegar is safe for carpet cleaning only if tested on an inconspicuous area of a rug before being used for cleaning the entire carpet. To test it, first dilute vinegar with water to lower the acidity. Wipe a small amount on the carpet, blot it up, and wait for about 24 hours to see the results. Examine the tested area for color fading or texture changes.

A natural deodorizing agent, vinegar freshens carpets by eliminating stale odors from food, age, pet accidents and other debris. After cleaning the carpet, the room may smell like vinegar, but the smell disappears once the rugs dries up. There is no need to rinse the carpets after washing.

Vinegar kills mold and is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. This substance is completely safe to use at home, causes no harm if ingested and is also environmentally friendly. White vinegar is useful in removing fresh stains from foods, drinks, pet accidents and grime. It can also be used to any spill as soon as it happens. Because vinegar is quite affordable, it can be an effective replacement for costly commercial steam cleaning solutions found in the market.