What's the Best Way to Measure a Large Carpet?

What's the Best Way to Measure a Large Carpet?

To measure a carpet properly, use a tape measure. Begin at one side of the room and measure to the other side. Repeat for the opposite walls. Write each measurement down and multiply the two numbers together to get the area of the carpet in square feet.

The only pieces of equipment needed for taking an accurate carpet measurement are a tape measure, pen, paper and a calculator. Measuring an oddly shaped room is more difficult, but can be done by measuring the longest and widest parts of the room. Follow the steps below to calculate the size of a carpet.

  1. Measure the length
  2. Measure the length of the room by starting at one side and measuring to the opposite side. This is the length. Write the number down.

  3. Measure the width
  4. Measure the width the same way as the length. Write the number down.

  5. Multiply
  6. Multiply the two numbers together. This provides the square footage for the room.

Experts recommend adding 10 percent of the area to the total square footage of a room when purchasing a piece of carpeting. This helps cover seams, wrong cuts and other mistakes. Although the true amount of carpet needed ranges from two to 20 percent, 10 percent is a good rule of thumb to follow.

When in doubt, seek the advice of a professional carpet installer, not a carpet salesperson. Homeowners can get a truer estimate of the amount of carpet needed by someone who does not make money selling carpet, notes CarpetProfessor.com.