What's the Secret to Growing World-Class Tomatoes?


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One of the best ways to grow large tomatoes is to prune the sprouts that develop between the main stem and other branches. These are called suckers and will sap the nutrients and water needed for huge tomato growth. Sunlight, water, space to grow and proper fertilization are also key to growing world-class tomato plants.

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When deciding which suckers to trim it is best to leave only a few blossoms on the plant. These blossoms will be the few which are allowed to mature into fruit. Choose blossoms that are relatively close to the bottom of the plant. This helps the plant support the weight and size of larger tomatoes.

Any tomatoes that happen to grow in clusters should be pruned so that only a few fruit blossoms remain. Always prune the blossoms that are furthest away from the plant first. As the tomatoes begin to get larger than standard you can help the plant by providing adequate support for the weight of the fruit. This can be accomplished with netting made by pantyhose.

Along with careful pruning, growing large world-class tomatoes requires adequate fertilizer, sunlight, water and plenty of space to grow. Ideal fertilizer is one made of a diluted fish emulsion. Too much fertilizer can increase nitrogen levels to the point where the plant grows more leaves than fruit. It is important to only fertilize once every two weeks. Watering should be at least an inch of water every week.

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