What's the Best Method for Choosing Interior Paint Colors?


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One of the best ways to choose the right paint color is to pick a selection of color swabs from the local paint shop and tape them to the wall in the room that is going to be painted. This shows you which color works best.

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To pick the best colors that work well with your decor, take samples of fabrics from furniture, pillows and draperies to the paint store. Select colors that are found within some of the more subtle aspects of the fabric, such as the highlights and shadows. This pulls the color of the fabric toward the eye and ensures that the new paint color matches furniture that is already in the room. If it is a bare room, it is important to consider which types of fabrics and furniture you can use to fill the space. Once an overall room scheme is developed, choosing a color is easier. If you have no idea of furniture or fabrics yet, neutral colors, such as beige and off-whites, are commonly preferred over bold colors that may clash with future design choices.

When the time comes to make the final purchase, painting a square of paint on the wall and letting it dry overnight gives a more accurate representation of what the paint looks like once it dries. This also lets you see how light plays off of the color in the room and helps you decide whether you want to go with a matte finish or a glossy finish.

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