What Are Some Rustic House Designs?

What Are Some Rustic House Designs?

Some popular rustic house designs include the A-frame, the Arts & Crafts home, the English cottage and the Tudor home. Many of these designs go well in rural areas, nicely blending in with the local landscape.

The A-frame home, with its steep, pitched roof, is perfect for snow country. The exaggerated roof line is designed so that heavy snow falls off it easily. A-frame homes usually have an open floor plan and a second storey loft. Large fireplaces are the norm, as are floor-to-ceiling windows on the front of the home.

Arts & Crafts style homes tend to be built of stone and wood and have large porches and plenty of windows. Traditional homes of this style have separate rooms, but architects can design an open floor plan instead. The homes are usually painted with contrasting colors for the walls and trim.

The English cottage design comes from Medieval England and is usually 1.5 stories and more modest in size. Traditional cottages are made with a combination of stucco and stone walls and steep gabled roofs. Some of the trims, particularly inside, are similar to Victorian embellishments but are more subtle.

Tudor homes, another Medieval England import, have 1.5 or two stories, large windows and the distinctive stucco-and-wood outside walls. Beamed ceilings and an oversized main fireplace are the norm. New designs do incorporate open floor plans if desired.