What Are Some Rust Removal Techniques?


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Methods to remove rust include scrubbing the item with a wire brush, cleaning the item with an acidic substance, such as lemon juice or vinegar, scrubbing the item with baking soda, or applying commercial rust remover to the item. Rust converter is also an option. Remove large flakes of rust manually before applying the chosen cleaning product. Use commercial rust removers or rust converters according to the instructions on the product packaging.

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To remove large flakes of rust, scrub the surface with a wire brush, and use sandpaper to smooth the surface after cleaning. Alternately, scrub the item with steel wool, a ball of clean aluminum foil or sandpaper.

When removing rust with vinegar, soak the item in the vinegar for a few moments before wiping the surface with a clean cloth. To remove rust with lemon juice, sprinkle salt and fresh lemon juice on the surface, and scrub it with a cloth. After using vinegar or lemon juice to remove rust, rinse the item, and dry it thoroughly.

To remove rust with baking soda, make a paste with baking soda and water, and scrub the surface with the paste. Repeat the cleaning process as many times as necessary before rinsing and drying the item.

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