How Do You Run Electrical Wiring in a House?


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When installing electrical wires in a house, you should first draw up a plan for the placement of the wires, outlets and switches, and then show it to a local building inspector. Obtain a permit before starting a wiring project, and have the work inspected when completed.

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How Do You Run Electrical Wiring in a House?
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Some of the supplies needed for the project are electrical Romex cable, outlet boxes and switch boxes. Some tools needed include standard hand tools, a power drill and a 3/4-inch spade bit. Before drawing up a wiring diagram and acquiring materials, make sure they comply with all local wiring and building codes. The wiring is usually done in a room before the inside walls are placed. To begin the installation, mark the locations of the outlet and switch boxes on the structural beams of the wall frame and indicate the height from the floor to the center of each box.

Next, install the boxes so they are flush with the face of the future wall. Using a power drill with a bore bit, drill 3/4 inch holes through the wall frame beams about 8 inches above each box. Thread a 12-foot length of electrical cable through the holes and connect each end to an electrical box. Repeat this step until all the boxes have been connected.

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