What Are the Rules for Installing Residential Mailboxes?

When installing a mailbox, it should have the Postmaster General’s seal, showing it meets the Post Office’s rules and regulations. The installer should locate the receptacle 41 to 45 inches above ground level and 6 to 8 inches from the face of the curb. For homes without raised curbs, residents should consult their local postmasters. Mailboxes attached to houses must be within easy reach for postal carriers.

The post office recommends using sturdy supports for mailboxes that yield in the event of an accident. Examples include a 4 by 4-foot wooden post or 2-inch metal pipe. Immovable objects, such as concrete filled milk cans, are risks to drivers and their passengers in case of accidents.

Owners are responsible for adding the street addresses or apartment numbers on their mailboxes. If the box faces a different street than the address, the owner should add the street name to the address.

Constant exposure to the elements can cause wear or fading on a mailbox. Any loose or rusted parts require repairs to keep the receptacle in good shape and protect the mail from the elements. If the address fades and becomes difficult to read, the owner is responsible for making the repairs.