What Are Some Rug Hooking Designs?

What Are Some Rug Hooking Designs?

Rug hooking designs range from animals to houses and can include floral patterns. Rug hooking can be used to make rugs, stair raisers, purses, wall hangings and holiday decor.

Rug hooking is an historical craft involving pulling strips of cloth or yarn through a burlap or linen backing. Crafters use a hook to grab the strip and pull it through hoop by hoop.

Traditional rug hooking patterns include old-style patterns, such as checks and other geometric styles. These patterns often resemble quilts. Sometimes, the hook rugs display a sampler pattern with letters or sayings. Patterns can also consists of repeating designs, such as flowers or leaves.

Many rug hooking patterns consist of animals. These patterns can feature the animal in a nature scene, alone or surrounded by a patterned border. Sometimes, the animals take on a primitive style to mimic the old-fashioned hook rugs, but, sometimes, they are more realistic in design.

Houses are another common theme for hook rugs. These patterns often resemble old-time samplers in design. They can incorporate plants and borders.

Many rug hooking patterns relate to the holidays or seasons. For example, they might feature a snowman near a tree for winter or a bird on a pumpkin for autumn. The holiday patterns can also include designs for Christmas tree ornaments or stockings.