How Do You Find a Rowenta Service Center in Your Area?

How Do You Find a Rowenta Service Center in Your Area?

To find Rowenta Service Centers, customers can go to the company website and check for this information. The Rowenta Company manufactures a variety of products, including fans, hair curling irons, steam irons and garment steamers.

When customers need to have a Rowenta product repaired, they can locate a Rowenta Service Center, which are found in many states in the United States. Finding a center near a customer's home is a simple task that takes only a few minutes.

  1. Go to the Rowenta Company official website
  2. Visit the Rowenta website and click on the "Customer Service" button, which opens a second page. Click on the "Service Center" button listed on the page that takes customers to repair center locator page.

  3. Find a Rowenta Service Center in a specific area
  4. Type in either the customer's city or ZIP code in the provided search box. Look at the generated listing of addresses for Rowenta Service Centers for a given city or ZIP code. Find the nearest repair center in a neighboring vicinity.

Another way to locate a service center in an area may be to call the contact number given on the Rowenta website or email a question to customer support through a contact form provided by clicking on the "Customer Service" button. The website also has other useful information, such as downloadable user manuals and a tips section.