What Is a Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker?


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A rotating Belgian waffle maker is a kitchen appliance designed to evenly cook Belgian waffles. The rotating feature allows the heat to be evenly distributed, thus making a perfectly golden brown waffle.

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Villaware, Hamilton Beach and Presto all make rotating Belgian Waffle Makers. The Presto Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker is particularly popular. One of its drawbacks is its bulk. Typically rotating waffle makers take up more space than the alternative static design. In order to accommodate the rotating mechanism and heating elements, rotating models often take up more counter space.

One feature to look out for in rotating Belgian waffle makers are the browning controls. While the rotation mechanism allows for more even cooking, some users prefer to have a darker brown waffle. Browning controls allow the operator to determine the precise level of brownness to accommodate all waffle preferences.

One of the things which distinguishes Belgian waffles from traditional waffles is thickness. Any rotating Belgian waffle maker needs to produce relatively thick waffles in order to live up to its name. Although rotating waffle makers are designed to improve evenness of cooking, not all models are successful at this. Some rotating models perform as well as, or even worse than, the flat waffle makers. Be sure to carefully review the specific make and model when purchasing a rotating waffle maker to help other potential users.

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