What Are Rosette Cast Iron Molds?


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Rosette cast iron molds are cooking tools used in making Swedish rosette pastries. The cook uses the rosette with a steel or iron extension wand to lower pastry batter into hot oil. While traditional cast iron rosette molds were only available in rosette shapes, modern molds are available in stars, snowflakes and other geometric shapes.

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A cook prepares Swedish rosettes by making the batter at the same time she heats a pan of oil to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Rosette batter is a combination of eggs, flour, milk and sugar. The batter does not typically contain any kind of leavening agent, and rosettes get their airy texture from the rapid expansion of hot air during frying.

After making the batter and heating the oil, the cook dips the rosette cast iron mold briefly into the hot oil. This heats the mold while also giving it a non-stick coating. The cook then dips the hot mold partially into the batter, leaving a small area of bare metal at the top. She then dips the batter-coated mold into the hot oil and gently shakes it until the partially cooked rosette comes free.

After cooking for about two minutes, the cook removes the rosette from the oil using a spatula or mesh strainer. Once they have drained on paper towels, the cook finishes the recipe by dusting the rosettes with powdered sugar.

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