Where Do Roses Grow?

roses-grow Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Roses grow best when they are planted in prepared, fertilized soil in a location where they are in full sunlight for 5 or 6 hours during the day. Roses prefer not to compete for nutrients, so they do well when placed away from trees or other plants with shallow root systems. Lying dormant all winter, roses bloom in spring and summer.

Rose placement requires careful consideration and garden planning. Roses purchased from a nursery or through the mail during the late winter arrive looking like bare sticks, but they are not dead, only dormant. The roots must be kept moist at all times before planting. They should be planted as soon as possible, by March at the latest. Place them about 18 inches apart from one another and 3 feet from other types of plants.

Though roses need sunlight, direct afternoon summer sun can be too much for them. An ideal location with morning sun and afternoon shade prevents them from drying out. Excessive wind also dries roses and tears the blossoms, so a placement screening them from wind is also helpful.

To produce optimal blooms, roses require frequent watering, with a deep-root watering once or twice a week. Use slow-release fertilizer, and protect the soil with mulch. Roses can be safely cut back or transplanted in early spring or fall.