How Does RootX Foaming Root Killer Work?


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RootX works by exposing fine roots and hairs that have invaded drainpipes to high concentrations of non-metallic sodium. The cleanser creates a hyper saline environment in the pipe that attacks tree roots and discourages the growth of new filaments.

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Raising the salinity of water in a drainpipe, which is the primary mechanism of action for RootX, changes the chemical environment around small, invasive tree roots until they can no longer grow. When RootX is poured into water and flushed into the evacuation pipes of a residential or commercial drainage system, the compound forms a light, frothy foam that expands to fill all of the available volume inside a pipe. When the foam makes contact with roots, the high salinity of the compound extracts water from the tree's underground structures.

Tree roots naturally drain water from the surrounding soil. When the roots of most trees come into contact with salty water, the resulting dessication kills the small roots before they can grow larger, and it also discourages the tree from sending new shoots into the pipe. Despite the damage to roots in immediate contact with the RootX-treated water, RootX generally does not harm the larger root system or the tree itself.

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