How Do You Root Rosebush Clippings?

Root rosebush clippings by taking them as the plant enters the dormant season, dipping the stem in rooting hormone, sticking the plant directly into the soil, and keeping the soil moist until roots form. The new rosebushes are ready to transplant just prior to the next dormant season.

Prepare the rooting bed by selecting a location that protects the cuttings from the intense afternoon sun. Once they are fully rooted, roses prefer locations that provide full sun. Select a well-drained sandy soil if possible, and amend it with peat or other organic materials to help retain the moisture. Till or spade the soil before sticking the cuttings.

Take cuttings that are 6 to 8 inches long and remove the foliage from the lower half of the stem. Rooting hormones increase the number of cuttings that root. Rooting hormones are available commercially, or make them at home by steeping small pieces of willow branches in water overnight. After treating the cuttings with the hormone, prepare a hole in the soil by sticking a pencil into the soil the desired depth and placing the cutting in the hole about halfway up the stem.

Protect the cuttings from hard freezes as they root. After transplanting, the cuttings grow quickly and usually produce roses the first season.