How Do You Root Jasmine?

How Do You Root Jasmine?

How Do You Root Jasmine?

Jasmine can be started indoors from a cutting of the stem and grown into a plant that can be potted outdoors. To do this, you need peat, perlite, pruning shears, houshold cleaner, rooting hormone, a plastic growing container, and a plastic bag or aquarium. This process takes several months.

  1. Prepare the pot for the jasmine

    To prepare the pot for the jasmine, mix together equal parts perlite and peat in the plastic growing container. Be sure that the container has holes in the bottom so that water can seep out of it.

  2. Plant the cutting

    Prepare your pruning sheers for cutting the jasmine by sanitizing them in household cleaner. In the late summer or early fall take a 4- to 6-inch cutting of the part of the jasmine plant that is semi-hardwood. Remove any flowers or buds from the cutting, and remove the leaves from the bottom third of the cutting. Dip the bottom third of the cutting in rooting hormone. Place the bottom third in the pot, and leave about two-thirds of the plant above the soil. Moisten the soil

  3. Grow the plant

    To grow the plant, keep it in bright light but out of direct sunlight. Keep the plant in a humid atmosphere. To create humid conditions, place the plant under an upturned aquarium, or cover it with a plastic bag. Mist the jasmine regularly. After a month or two, when growth has started, move the plant to another container. Keep the plant in this container until springtime, then plant the jasmine outside.