How Do You Root Ivy Cuttings?

Root ivy cuttings by cutting a stem from a healthy plant, placing the end in warm water, making a rooting medium and rooting compound, preparing a pot, planting the ivy cutting and placing the cutting in warmth. You need an ivy cutting, a pot, aspirin, water, perlite and sand.

  1. Get a cutting

    Cut a 6-inch piece from the tip of any ivy plant just below a leaf node. Snip away the leaves from the bottom 1.5 inch of the stem where it is cut.

  2. Place the cutting in water

    Fill a glass with a 1/2 inch of warm water. Place the cut end in the water.

  3. Make the rooting medium and compound

    Make a rooting medium from sand and perlite. Make a rooting compound by mixing together 1 gallon of warm water with one tablet of aspirin.

  4. Prepare a pot

    Place the rooting medium in the pot, and place the pot in a container holding the rooting compound. When the soil moistens, remove the pot from the water and allow it to sit for 20 minutes.

  5. Plant the ivy cutting

    Place the cut end of the ivy cutting in 1 inch of the rooting medium. Place a plastic bag with holes poked in it over the cutting.

  6. Place the cutting in a warm spot

    Place the ivy cutting in a warm spot and in indirect sunlight for up to 14 days. Check the soil each day, and keep it moist. After two weeks, pull gently on the cutting. If it does not pull out, the cutting has rooted.