How Do You Root Hydrangea Cuttings?


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While they produce large flowers, hydrangeas rarely produce seed and require propagation by cuttings. While taking the cuttings is quick, they require several weeks to grow new roots. You will need soilless mix, rooting hormone, pots, plastic bags and pruning shears to complete the process

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How Do You Root Hydrangea Cuttings?
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  1. Take the cutting

    Choose a cutting from new growth near the base of the plant. Select a cutting that is at least 4 inches long, with one leaf node for rooting and at least one set of additional leaves above it. Remove all but the top two leaves. Cut the remaining leaves in half, perpendicular to the leaf stem.

  2. Dip in rooting hormone

    Use rooting hormone to increase the chances of growing new roots. Dip the cut end into the hormone. Shake to remove excess hormone.

  3. Pot the cutting

    Push the cut end of the stem into a pot of soilless mix. Add water to the mix. Place the pot and cutting in a plastic bag to conserve water. Don't allow the plastic to touch the leaves.

  4. Provide filtered sunlight

    Place the covered pot in a well-lit area, but out of direct sunlight. Add water as necessary to keep the soilless mix damp.

  5. Check for roots

    New roots should begin to form within two to three weeks. Check by gently pulling on the plant. If there is resistance, roots have formed and the plant is ready to transplant.

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