How Do You Root an Aloe Plant?

Aloe plants can be easily rooted by placing cuttings from existing aloe plants into fresh potted soil and placing the pot in direct sunlight. It is important to wait one week before watering the cuttings. Aloe vera plants produce multiple offsets, commonly referred to as plantlets. The plantlets are capable of creating an entirely new plant within two weeks.

After a week has passed, the plantlet should be watered at least once a week during hot weather. As the weather cools down, watering can be less frequent as the aloe vera plant enters a resting period during colder weather. It is also important for Aloe growers to allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions during this period. Aloe vera plants thrive in sunlight, but too much light combined with hot temperatures can lead to scorching of the leaves, so it is always a good idea for Aloe growers to move their plants into partially shaded areas when outdoor temperatures rise.

Aloe vera is in the succulent family. While the common belief is that succulent plants only require minimal amounts of water for survival, the reality is that succulents thrive when regularly watered and fertilized. Tap water can cause mineral deposits to build up in potting soil over time. Watering Aloe plants with rain water or periodically re-potting the plants can help prevent complications.