What Are Some Free Room Layout Planners?

What Are Some Free Room Layout Planners?

Websites that offer free room layout planners include HomeStyler.com, RoomSketcher.com, RoomStyler.com, PotteryBarn.com and Planner5D.com. The Home Styler website offers 2-D and 3-D layout views, customizable floor plans and a large library of generic and name brand furniture products to use in the virtual design process. A user can select the paint color of a room's walls, as well as browse a design gallery for inspiration.

Pottery Barn offers a similar room planner application that allows a user to arrange products from the company’s home decor collection in a virtual floor plan, as well as to choose graphics of general furniture shapes. The website also provides pre-designed floor plans for inspiration.

Room Styler features a 3-D room-planning program that permits a user to add architectural details to a room, such as staircases, fireplaces and pillars, in addition to home decor. The website provides a seasonal room planning option, with a selection of Christmas trees, wreaths and other decorations to embellish a pre-existing room design.

The Room Sketcher website features a free room design application that allows a user to choose the wall colors and wallpaper, window design, building materials and furniture placement of a virtual room. The floor plan can be viewed from an aerial perspective or in a 360-degree view.

The Planner 5D website offers another room design planner with an overhead view layout, as well as options to design the exterior of a house, including the garage and landscaping.