What Are Some Roofing Tips for Beginners?


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Some important elements of roof installation are old roof removal, roof deck preparation, choosing the right shingles or roofing material, and knowledge of how to properly install roofing at the roof's valleys and ridges. Installing proper ventilation with a roof is important for hot and moist air in the attic and is, in some areas, required by law.

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Often, visual inspection is all that is needed to determine the degree of roof repair that is needed. Joann Liebeler, a spokesperson for the shingle manufacturer GAF, suggests looking for water in the attic, stains on walls or ceilings, and cracked, missing or molding shingles to determine if a roof is in need of repair or replacement. Give special attention to the roof's valleys, where the most water comes in contact with the roofing.

When working on a roof, cover plants, pools and vehicles with tarps to prevent debris from damaging your property or making an unnecessary mess. Completely removing old roofing and applying a roof deck protectant prevents leaks and increases a roof's longevity. Consult your local building code for ventilation requirements in your area, and inspect your roof's ventilation for decay and to determine if it is up to date with government regulations. Choose the right roofing material based on your region's climate, and, if using shingles, use a roofing nail 1.5 to 2 inches in length with a flat, flush head.

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