How Are Roofing Costs Estimated?


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Roofing estimates are determined by the cost of materials, how accessible the roof is, the size of the roof and its pitch. Before hiring a roofing contractor or company, one should first check to make sure the contractor or company is currently licensed and insured.

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One of the most essential factors used to estimate roofing costs is the overall size of the roof. Roofers usually charge by roofing square, and a hundred square foot area is the same as one roofing square. The roof's slope is also used to determine how much to charge for roofing costs. If the roof is especially steep or unwalkable, the roofers may need to use special harnesses and equipment in order to complete the job. A steeper roof might also require more in insurance costs, which increases the overall price of the job.

If roofers are able to drive an equipment truck up to the house or business, then the job might not cost as much as it would if the roofers have to carry the roofing materials to the truck by hand. The job can be especially strenuous and time consuming with a heavier roof.

Different types of roofing surfaces that can determine the final price include asphalt, slate, metal and tiles. Some surfaces last longer than others, which home and business owners should take into account when considering price.

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