How Do You Get Roll Roofing Installed?

To install roll roofing, first remove dirt and debris from the roof with a broom, place the roofing in the sunlight, and allow it to warm up for about two hours. Use chalk and a tape measure or level to mark straight lines on the roof for easy installation.

Smooth a 2-inch layer of roofing cement along the eaves of the roof. Take the first piece of roofing, and unroll it across the edge of the roof horizontally. Make any adjustments necessary to straighten the roofing before nailing it into place. Place galvanized nails into the roofing about 6 inches apart. Unroll another piece of roofing, and overlap the vertical seam about 6 inches over the first piece if that piece did not cover the whole edge.

Once the edge is covered, begin the next row up, and overlap the horizontal seam by 3 inches. Continue smoothing cement and then unrolling rows of roofing until you reach the crest of the roof. Repeat the process in the same manner on the other side of the crest. If the roof is too steep, consult a professional, and take appropriate safety measures. Once the roofing is finished, smooth cement over the roofing edges, and nail them into place.