What Are Some Rogers Silverplate Patterns?

Rogers silverplate patterns range from the simple fluted handle of an "Ancestral" fork to the ornate flowered hourglass handle of a "Baroque Rose" soup spoon. There are scores of silverplate designs, from the spare 1914 "Charter Oak" to the swirling 1950 "Daffodil." Rogers is such a common company name in the history of American silverplate manufacture that there are scores of Rogers, Rogers Bros., Rogers Brothers, Rogers with an initial and Rogers with a partner. Not all were related.

1847 Rogers Bros. is one of the better-known American silverplate manufacturers with many pieces and numerous patterns on the reseller market. The identifying mark stamped on the back of the handle reads "1847 Rogers Bros." Patterns include "Heraldic" with a shield, and "Vintage" with clusters of grapes, both from the early 1900s.

Rogers Silver Plate, a wholly unrelated company, eventually became simply Rogers. Its earliest mark was "Rogers Silver Plate Co A1." The factory produced patterns such as "Garland" with a delicate oval flower garland at the end of the handle, "La Touraine" with a triangular handle cap and detail from the French Touraine coat of arms, and "Precious" with a simple handle ending in a stylized footed urn of flowers.